At Happy Tails Animal Hospital, we love dogs and cats of all ages.

As our pets age, their needs change. At Happy Tails Animal Hospital, we love dogs and cats of all ages and are here to provide the high-quality services they need throughout all stages of their lives. Just like humans, animals become more susceptible to a wide range of problems as they age. For pet parents, knowing how to keep up with these changes and provide the best possible care for their companion can be difficult. For this reason, we are proud to offer senior pet care in Marietta and the surrounding areas.

Caring for older animals is often challenging. As your dog or cat gets older, it is likely that their activity level will decrease. Their dietary needs will change, and they could develop health problems. Because of the many changes that take place in older pets, we recommend scheduling wellness exams twice each year. Doing so provides us with an opportunity to monitor your companion’s on-going health and detect any changes that could be problematic before they become serious.

Keeping up with wellness care is always important, but it is especially vital for older pets. These simple appointments could literally add extra years to your pet’s life.