When your beloved companion is ill or suffering from an injury, every second is important. Waiting around for test results to come back delays treatment and could have a detrimental impact on your pet’s prognosis. For this reason, Happy Tails Animal Hospital is proud to offer in-house diagnostics. Instead of needing to send samples or your pet elsewhere for testing, we are equipped to provide a wide range of diagnostic services at our state-of-the-art facility. This enables us to get results and begin treatment faster.

For fast and accurate in-house diagnostics in Marietta, depend on the expert team right here at Happy Tails Animal Hospital.

Sometimes, we can determine everything we need to know about your pet’s health with a simple physical exam. Often, though, we rely on advanced diagnostic tests to gather more detailed information. At Happy Tails Animal Hospital, we have a full-service laboratory for bloodwork, fecal testing, urinalysis, etc. We also have digital x-ray and ultrasound equipment that we can use when we need to take a close look at your pet’s internal structures and organs.

With this equipment, we are able to diagnose a huge range of illnesses and injuries in-house. And once we reach a diagnosis, we can begin treatment.