Your Pet’s Home Away From Home!
Looking for a safe, secure, and friendly environment to board your pet, look no further than Happy Tails Animal Hospital- Marietta’s doctor supervised dog and cat boarding-Veterinarians near me.Our facility puts your pet right next door to his or her doctor and medical records, giving you peace of mind. From the daily exercise, to the prescription diets, to the loving care and personal attention of our technicians, your pet’s boarding experience is the next best thing to being at home. Come tour our kennels and meet our caring and trained staff !!


Our dog and cat boarding services include: A safe, climate-controlled environment protected by a 24-hour fire, smoke, security and heat monitoring services. Dogs have an extra perk of outdoor walks three times a day( Limited to small to medium sized dogs).

Fear Free Boarding for Cats : Cats are delicate and sensitive to change or uncomfortable in a traditional boarding kennel, where unfamiliar smells and noises may cause stress. We have separate, quiet, fear free, relaxing accommodations for cats with spacious, multi-level cat condos. Boarders are fed a highly digestible diet, and we provide separate litter pans in each of the quarters.

You can drop off or pick up your pets 7 days a week with no additional fees! Make your reservations today !!

However, we do require current vaccinations for all boarding pets for their and other pets safety too. For your convenience, medical procedures and examinations can be scheduled for your pet while he or she boards with us such as – Grooming, Dental Care and Check-ups.

Vaccinations Required: The following vaccines are also available at our animal hospital Marietta and are required for boarding
Canine Distemper/Leptospirosis
Bordetella (Must have been given within 6 months)
Canine influenza (Recommended)

Pet Boarding in Marietta GA

Other Services available are: Spaying,Neutering,Dental Cleaning,Veterinary Dermatology,Allergies & Skin Infections and pet Grooming