Flip the Lip!
Gently lift your pet’s lip and look for signs of tartar (brown “stains” around the gum line), inflamed gums, or missing/broken teeth. The calculus you see is the tip of an iceberg there is so much more under the gums.
Some signs of dental disease might include: chattering of the teeth when trying to eat and or shivering of entire pet with pain, lethargy and detached from surroundings.Increased drooling in cats ,failing to groom themselves,reluctance to eat or direct swallowing without chewing.

Dental disease is a very painful condition and research shows that it affects up to 90 {5edbe483f19860501010ecff1b5d869d8e23ca3cd5361939ae7e788e8d48afc4} of pets in the first three years of their life. Routine yearly checkups with us helps our veterinarians to check for signs of dental disease like gingivitis, periodontal disease, tooth root abscess and tooth loss.

Annual dental cleanings under anesthesia is recommended to prevent build up of dental calculus and advanced dental disease. Treatments include dental procedures like dental x-rays, extractions of eroded teeth with exposed pulp cavities/ fractured teeth, pain medications and antibiotics.

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