Visiting a Veterinarian in Marietta, Georgia, for Wellness Care: What to Expect


Ensuring that your pet receives appropriate wellness care builds a strong foundation for a healthy life. Bringing your pet in for routine vet visits safeguards them against parasites and a wide range of preventable illnesses while providing an opportunity for underlying health problems to be detected before they become serious. If you are a new pet parent or you haven’t brought your companion to a veterinarian in Marietta, Georgia, for a while, you may not be sure what to expect. Keep reading to learn a bit more about what wellness care entails. 



What to Expect During Your Pet’s Wellness Visit

A wellness exam begins with a complete physical examination. We’ll examine your companion from the tip of their snout to the end of their tail, palpate their abdomen, and take a close look at their eyes, mouth, and ears. We’ll also likely check their temperature, assess their weight, and listen to their heart. This takes just a few moments but provides us with a lot of valuable information regarding your pet’s current health. 

We’ll also ask you questions about your pet’s diet and exercise habits, vaccine status, etc. The vet will address any questions or concerns that you have, too. From there, we may recommend things like spaying and neutering, parasite control, microchipping, or vaccine boosters. Our team may also make suggestions regarding your pet’s diet or provide other information to help you in ensuring your pet is living their best life. 

Trusted Wellness Care from a Veterinarian in Marietta, Georgia

As a trusted veterinarian in Marietta, Georgia, Happy Tails Animal Hospital provides comprehensive wellness services to keep dogs and cats happy and healthy. Whether you have a new pet or your beloved companion hasn’t been seen by a vet recently, we recommend bringing them in for a wellness exam as soon as possible. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 



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