Have Your Pet Spayed or Neutered by a Qualified Veterinarian in Marietta


Spaying or neutering your pet cat or dog can have many benefits. By taking this route, you are giving your furry pal a healthy life minus with less risk of complications that may adversely impact their wellbeing. Entrust only a qualified veterinarian in Marietta with the task of neutering or spaying your beloved companion. When you approach the compassionate Happy Tails Animal Hospital team, we’ll take care of your loyal pet and do everything we can to ensure their comfort and safety.


We recommend you decide to spay or neuter your pet because it:

Prevents Cross Breeding

Unplanned litters give rise to many of these animals being kept in shelters while they await adoption. Why allow your pets to reproduce or crossbreed when you have no intention of keeping their offspring?

Protects Your Female Pets

Your spayed pet will not go into heat during the breeding season nor be chased around by rowdy males. Spaying also prevents uterus infections and breast cancer, which can prove fatal. There are just a few of the reasons why your trusted veterinarian in Marietta recommends this procedure. 

Controls Male Behavior 

Neutering male dogs and cats early on stops them from displaying aggression and running away from home for mating purposes. When you neuter male pets, it prevents them from developing testicular cancer. They also focus more on bonding with their owners. 

Highly Cost Effective As Proven By Your Renowned Veterinarian in Marietta 

The cost of your pet undergoing such surgeries is nothing compared to the cost of caring for their litter or the expenses often associated with unaltered pets. We have even seen pet parents incurring extra expenses on treating their unneutered males for injuries received during fights with strays. 

No Health or Weight Implications 

It is baseless to attribute your pet's excess weight to them having undergone the procedure of neutering or spaying. Concentrate on monitoring your pet’s food intake and daily exercise regime to keep them fit. 

For the good of the community, we advise all pet parents to act responsibly by spaying or neutering their pets. The safest and most loving hands await your pets at our hospital. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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